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Price List

A £50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your appointment and will be used toward either the face to face consultation OR the treatment on the day.

Cancellation policy is 48 hours prior notice and can re-book within 2 months.


Dermal Skin fillers are used to volumise the skin.

Lip Filler: 0.55ml – £150

Lip Filler: 0.8ml – from £200 

Lip Filler: 1ml – from £280 

Lip Filler: 1.2ml – from £300 

Lip Filler: 1.5ml – from £350 

Lip Filler: 2ml – from £450 

Tear Trough Filler under the eye area using advanced cannula technique – from £320 

Cheek Fillers – from £300 

Chin Filler: 1ml – from £300 

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – from £350 

Smile Lines – from £350 
(Nasolabial fold) 

Lines from mouth to the chin – from £300 

Lines above the upper lip – from £300


Will be bespoke to the patient – from £900 (up to 8mls).

Ellanse Collagen Stimulating Fillers

Introducing Ellansé®

Natural Looking & Regenerative Beauty

The first of a new class of dermal fillers, Ellansé® naturally regenerates volume and restores the shape that time has taken away. Ellansé® is an injectable dermal filler available in many countries, including the U.K. It both corrects lines and wrinkles, and also stimulates the body to produce collagen.

The results last from one to four years, depending on which product is chosen:

  • Ellansé®-M

One Box of Ellansé® – from £400 (2 ml)

Ellansé® Non-surgical Face Lift – from £800 (4–6 ml)


This treatment is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead and eye area. This treatment can also reduce sweating in the underarm. Most treatments last between 3-4 months. This is a well-established treatment that can be used safely, repeatedly and indefinitely.

1 area, forehead 

1 area, glabella in between the eyebrows 

1 area, crows feet 

1 area, nose bunny lines 

1 area, mouth lines 

1 area from £150

Advanced Botox 3-5 areas – from £250 

Underarm sweating – from £350 

Gummy Smile – from £150 

reduce the appearance of your gums when you smile 

Jawline Slimming Botox – from £250 

Neck Lift – from £300 


Using dermal fillers and advanced no knife techniques. Immediate results. No downtime.

Lower face sculpting.

Face – from £500 

Neck – from £650

Décolletage – from £700 

Hands – from £500

PDO Threads

PDO Threads for ultimate skin lifting and skin rejuvenation can be used from head to toe.

Lip PDO Threads – from £150 

Face Lift – from £650

Jawline definition – from £450 

with PDO Threads

Bespoke bridal packages are available.


B12 Injections – from £30

Intravita Vitamin Drips – from £250

Intravita Menu:

  • hair tonic
  • immune booster
  • vitamin C
  • athlete booster
  • fat burning
  • Myers Multi-Vitamin Tonic

Fat Burner Shot – from £50

Mole Removal

Mole Removal – from £150

Facial Mole – from £200

Wart Removal – from £75

Skin Tag Removal – from £75

Cosmetic Packages

Botox ‘Lip Flip’ – from £150

Dr Natasha Lip & Wrinkle – from £299
Lip 0.55ml and 2 areas of Botox

Bridal Parties & Packages
Bespoke bridal packages are available

Bright Eyes Package – from £495

Tear-trough fillers
Anti-wrinkle Injections
1 area, botox crows feet

Define and Contour Package – from £695

Lip Filler 0.55ml
Chin Filler 1ml
Jawline or Cheek Filler 1ml

Lift and Rejuvenate – from £1295

PDO Threads Lower Face
Lip Filler 1ml
Anti-wrinkle Injections 3-5 areas

  • Treatments by Dr Natasha with over 14 years experience
  • Nurse Francesca is a highly skilled nurse since 2014
  • Fully insured
  • Deposits non-refundable

Please note treatments are subjective and need time.

All prices are for guidance only and your personalised consultation will give you a more accurate indication of cost and bespoke treatment. Payments made on the day prior to treatment.