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Correction (Dissolving)

Dr Natasha will reverse and correct fillers that have gone wrong – whether they have been administered incorrectly or have produced undesirable results.

How it works

Hyalase is an enzyme that can be found naturally in the human body. It causes the breakdown of the hyaluronic acid used in fillers. Fillers that have been administered incorrectly, or by inexperienced doctors, can coalesce and produce a lumpy or asymmetrical appearance. Injections of Hyalase dissolve these fillers, reversing the effects and allowing corrections to take place.

All of our injectable treatments are administered by Dr Natasha, who is a skilled cosmetic physician, ensuring the quality and safety of your results.

Treatment Areas

Dr Natasha can use Hyalase to correct unsatisfactory fillers in different areas of face and body. Most frequently we correct poorly administered lip, tear trough, cheek, chin and nose fillers, restoring the natural shape and volume of the facial features.

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