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IntraVita® IV Nutrition

Experience the incredible benefits, and improved well-being, provided by IV nutrition therapy. Dr Natasha Clinics now offers this fantastic, treatment to clients looking for a real body boost.

Recovery time

Approximately 24 hours.

What is IntraVita® IV Nutrition Therapy?

The ingredients used within Intravenous Vitamin Nutrition Therapy (IVNT) are vitamins, minerals and water otherwise classified as ‘Essential nutrients’. These are essential for life, however, they are nutrients that the body is not able to synthesise on its own. Traditionally they were found in the food we eat but modern times has seen modified and over-processed food, leaving many of us deficient in these essential nutrients. By supporting the replacement of these essential nutrients you are able to help restore your body to its peak fitness and maximum energy performance.

More than 1 in 3 people take oral vitamin supplements daily and while we know they are beneficial, few people realise that the body’s natural absorption process can render up to 85% of a vitamin supplement useless – so only about 15% of the active nutrients may actually find their way into the bloodstream. With IVNT, the nutrients enter the bloodstream directly and immediately. Much higher concentrations of nutrients are delivered directly to the body’s cells through intravenous therapy, allowing the body to better absorb and utilise these nutrients. A deficiency in vitamins or minerals can lead to a cascade of health problems and a decline in your general well-being, such as poor hair, skin, nails, extreme tiredness and fatigue among many others.

Who can have the treatment?

Male and female, people with an active lifestyle. Everyone is unique and so are their nutrient requirements. With IntraVita there are many treatment options for IVNT depending on individual goals, and the treatments are designed to meet a range of different needs. The only exclusions for treatment are pregnant and breastfeeding women or those known to have an allergy to any of the ingredients within the infusions.

Is the treatment safe?

All of the intravenous protocols used at IntraVita, and in the IV infusions, have been thoroughly researched and developed by a team of leading medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and nutritionists. Dr Natasha will advise you prior to starting any treatment to ensure that the IntraVita® IV therapy is right for you.

How is IV Therapy given?

We generally give the treatment via an IV (Intravenous drip) which normally takes between 30-45 minutes to infuse. The IV infusion requires the insertion of a small Intravenous cannula into a vein (usually in your arm). Many clients begin to feel the effects during the IV therapy treatment, which then continues over the following hours and days. It doesn’t take long to start feeling refreshed, re-energised and revitalised. The IV Therapy drips can be administered as a single treatment, most benefit can be gained from having a course of treatment. We recommend a course of 6 treatments over a 2-3 month period.

What are the benefits of IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy?

There are a variety of reported health benefits associated with Intravenous Vitamin Therapy. While this treatment is strictly not performed to cure or treat any medical conditions, many healthy people avail of the treatment as it enhances overall well being and leaves you feeling great. The benefits of the treatment can sometimes be noticed straight away as the nutrients go straight into the bloodstream. This allows nutrients to be get delivered directly to cells throughout the bloodstream without having to go through the gut which will reduce the effectiveness purely by working through the digestive system.

IntraVita® vitamin therapy has been designed to help your body with key areas such as the following:

  • Infusions will aid a stressful lifestyle
  • More effective than oral vitamins
  • Fast effects
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving athletic performance
  • General well being
  • Immune support
  • Aiding anti ageing
  • You travel a lot, always on the go
  • You work out intensively and are strict with your dietary intake
  • Skin or hair conditions


A £50 no-refundable deposit is required and can be used toward either the face to face consultation OR the treatment on the day.

  • Dr Natasha will give a consultation, discuss and advise all available options with the client prior to the treatment.
  • A thorough medical history will be discussed before each treatment is carried out.
  • A discussion will take place at the consultation, as to the look and which treatment the client requires.

Once the client fully understands what’s involved with the treatment:

  • A consent form is then signed,
  • Pre-treatment photos are taken.

If the client is happy to proceed, then the treatment will go ahead.

Why choose Dr Natasha Clinics for my treatment?

  • Honest, Private Fully Qualified GP advice and treatments by Dr Natasha Ranga MRCGP
  • Experience and expertise in IV IntraVita® treatments
  • Fully trained in Advanced aesthetics procedures
  • Save Face Accredited by Professional Standards Authority and is recognised by the Government and The Care Quality Commission
  • Superior aftercare support
  • Modern, comfortable and hygienic local premises for your consultation and treatment
  • Past and present client satisfaction and feedback
  • Dr Natasha Clinics only uses the highest grade FDA approved products for every treatment

What happens after the procedure?

When the infusion is complete, you will already start to feel better in yourself. Please take some time post-treatment, for example, don’t do any strenuous exercise. Dr Natasha will give aftercare advice, and answer any questions or queries the client may have.

Dr Natasha will arrange a future appointment date with the client. Dr Natasha will also advise that the post-procedure recommendations are followed.

What is the recovery time post-procedure?

The recovery time is usually up to 24 hours post-procedure. It is highly recommended that the client follows the post-procedure recommendations to avoid complications or infection. It is recommended that you avoid Smoking after the procedure.

Pre-Procedure Do’s

  • DO not take aspirin or any anti-inflammatory medications (such as ibuprofen), St John’s Wort, or high doses of vitamin E.
  • DO be prepared for a little discomfort when the cannula goes into your arm.
  • DO give some time for the infusions to kick in, however, you will start to feel better directly after the treatment.
  • Always stay hydrated.

Post Procedure Advice

We take aftercare very seriously. We highly recommend that the client follows the below recommendations after treatment:
Bruising and swelling is common post-procedure.

  • DON’T Smoke for at least 24-36 hours smoking is not recommended post-treatment.
  • Avoid any alcohol consumption for 24 hours before treatment and 24 hours Post IV.
  • Avoid any exercise for 24 hours post-treatment.
  • Avoid excessive heat – swimming pools, sauna, steam rooms, hot showers immediately after infusion.

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