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Covid-19 Updates

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, the clinic has been closed for some time. There have been delays in replies due to closures and personal health issues.

We are complying with the lockdown regulations and will be closed until it’s safe to reopen. Any emails and formal correspondence have also been delayed, due to limited staff hours and personal circumstances.

Apologies for any delays.

I hope to resume some normal activity in February/March 2021.

Thank you

January 2021

3rd National Lockdown.

We are closed for medical and cosmetic procedures. The clinic only opens for emergency care once triaged.

If you have an emergency we are more than happy to assure with any complication, emergencies or if you need serious help. The emergency contact is 07827 932218.


There is limited communication during the lockdown. Email replies are taking up to 10 working days, if it is urgent please call 07827 932218.


There is a delay on our complaints procedure since the lockdown measures in November 2020 – any complaints are taking much longer than anticipated. For updates please email hello@rosegoldaestheticsclinic.com


All vouchers will be extended by 6 months and will be valid.


All digital consultations will be free of charge and can be booked in by calling 07827 932218


I’m aware many have missed review appointments. This has been noted on your records and will be dealt with, don’t worry. Filler top-ups for noses will still be honoured.

Lipofirm Courses

These will be resumed when we reopen, you won’t lose any sessions.


Safety is still paramount, so stay safe and we will be back.

Please note we are a small local business and doing our best. It really is a shame we are closed again but it’s for national safety.

For any individual queries please call 07837 932218 on Thursdays from 10:30am to 4pm.

Thank you,
Dr Natasha