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Q & A with Dr Natasha – Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

In this week’s blog we talk about non-surgical rhinoplasty with Dr Natasha. 

We cover some of the most popular questions that patients ask including queries on the procedure itself, aftercare, and downtime. 

Tell us about non-surgical rhinoplasty

When people hear the word rhinoplasty, they often think of what is termed as a ‘nose job’. The key difference here is that we change the shape of the nose, by using a non-surgical intervention. In other words, we use fillers to change the shape of the nose, rather than surgery. 

The procedure itself involves injecting small amounts of dermal filler into the nose, which is then massaged to produce a profile/shape that the patient is happy with. The injections can give height, correction, and definition to the nose. The tip of the nose can also be improved to give a more upturned and refined shape. 

How would I know if I am suitable to have the procedure? 

You can always book a consultation, but the common type of procedure we offer includes:

Reshaping of the nose

Reshaping a slightly crooked nose

Changing the height and definition of the nose

Correcting an asymmetrical nose

Changing a flat or a low bridge

Working on a small nose that may need building up

Correction of the drooping of the nasal tip

A bump or ‘hook’ on the bridge of the nose that needs straightening

How long does the procedure take?

Not long between, 20 and 30 minutes. 

Do I have to wait for the results and how long can they last for? 

The results are instant. This procedure is also known as the ‘15-minute nose job’. The results can last from 12 to 18 months. 

Is it safe? Are there risks?

Any procedure has risks but they are minimal. Bruising, slight swelling and/or redness are all normal. All fillers use Hyaluronic acid and are FDA approved. The procedure is conducted in a sanitized environment always using sterile equipment. 

What about aftercare? 

You should refrain from touching the area for a period after the procedure, circa 48 hours. Avoid smoking, exercise, hot drinks, and alcohol for at least 24 hours post-procedure. There is more advice and an exhaustive list that you should read on our website.

Why should I choose Dr Natasha Clinics? 

I am a fully qualified GP, with years of experience and training in this area. I am accredited with scores of satisfied patients who have been coming to me for years. You can read patient reviews online and, on our website, to get a sense of how happy people are with my services. 

I would recommend that if you are interested in a non-surgical rhinoplasty you should book a consultation, where you can learn more about myself and the procedure. We are only too happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.