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Important Covid Information

We are closely monitoring the official advice given by both the World Health Organisation and the guidelines from Public Health England on the steps we are undertaking. We are vigilant in ensuring all of our staff have been fully briefed and are constantly updated on the ongoing situation.

We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the clinic at all times and in response to the Coronavirus, we have taken additional measures developed in consultation with global and local public health authorities (including the WHO and Public Health England) to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous.

Patient Protocols

Do not attend if unwell with any symptoms of any illness.

If you feel unwell, please rebook.

Please note a small PPE charge will be applied to all review appointments and is at the discretion of Rose Gold Aesthetics Clinic.

  1. Payment before your procedure by card/ bank transfer please if possible (no cash) unless paid by gift voucher. If n out possible card machine is available.
  2. You will have a FaceTime consultation (new patients) the day before your procedure to plan and discuss, ask questions so at your appointment you will have your procedure minimising face-to-face.
  3. Please arrive at your appointment time not early or late – we will see patients at their time only. Ring the buzzer or call the clinic on 07827 932218.
  4. Please come to your appointment alone, even if your friend or family booked in. We are minimising the number of people in the clinic- you will not be allowed to have people in the clinic.
  5. If members of your household unwell please let the clinic know so the apt can be rearranged.
  6. Patient consent form must be completed before your apt and sent back via email. If uncompleted, you will be turned away and appointment lost.
  7. In your medical history, you will be asked if you have had COVID-19 or any symptoms. Please answer truthfully as we need to plan your procedures.
  8. NO MAKEUP – you will be turned away if you have makeup on.
  9. You will have your temperature checked before entry into the clinic.
  10. You will be asked to wash your hands.
  11. For procedures not involving the mouth/lips, you will be asked to wear your own mask if you have one or a facial covering, e.g scarf, handkerchief.

Contact Us if you have any questions