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How to choose an aesthetic clinic

There are many things to consider when choosing an aesthetic clinic for your anti-wrinkle treatment, lip filler or other anti-ageing, improved wellbeing treatment.

Having a treatment at a reputable clinic can help to avoid complications and potential infections. It is always important to choose a registered medical professional – a Doctor or Nurse. They are qualified to deal with any problems and are able to provide the best care possible. You should do your research prior to your consultation and read past patient reviews on the clinics’ website and also Google. Your practitioner needs to be appropriately trained, registered with their Professional Body and knows how to manage a potential complication. Dr Natasha has been a doctor for 10 years and is experienced in the field of cosmetic medicine. We are registered with the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group.


Having a consultation prior to treatment is a must. Consultations provide a great opportunity for you to get to know your practitioner and learn more about the treatment you’re considering. Dr Natasha offers consultations from her clinic in Leicester. During your consultation, Dr Natasha will provide you with information on the results you can expert, pre-treatment information, the total cost and any risks relating to the non-surgical procedure. We are transparent about treatments. We are also a CQC Approved clinic. This is something to look out for.

Social proof

The clinic being active on social media with plenty of genuine reviews is also a good give away that they’re reputable and able to offer you the best care possible. Take time to read about the clinic on their website and get to know the practitioner. Doctor Natasha is an expert in advanced facial aesthetics and you can read more about her and her Leicester Aesthetic Clinic here.

Avoid cheap procedures!

Unrealistic offers and very cheap procedures can often lead to complications and unhappy patients. You must stay well away from the clinics offering cheap Botox treatments, or £50 Lip Fillers. Quality comes first. Price comes last.

Look at what products the clinic uses to perform treatments. We use the top quality, well-known products to carry out treatments. Well known reputable brands like Juvederm, Belotero, Profhilo and Ellanse are a good indicator that the clinic is established and genuine.

Save Face accredited

Our clinic in Leicester is also Save Face accredited. Save Face is a Government approved register for patients to find non-surgical cosmetic clinics in their local area. Look out for the logo, like the one at the bottom of this page.


We invite you to attend a consultation with Dr Natasha clinics in Leicester at our modern, state of the art clinic.